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A Guide to Understanding the Causes of Depression

Depression is a complex illness that provides more challenges when it comes to its treatments than if you just suffer from physical pain. There is no one that has precise information about what causes depression but is known to arise from many different reasons. A serious medical illness may be the onset for depression, though at times, depression may be based on the family history. In this article, you are going to find useful information about some of the causes of depression.

Research has shown that the people diagnosed with clinical depression portray a difference in the brains compared to those people that are not diagnosed with clinical depression. You will for example find that the hippocampus which is a part of the brain that stores memories tends to be smaller for those people that have suffered depression than for those people that have not encountered any form of depression. Some studies have shown that the stress hormone cortisol may be responsible for the shrinking effect of the hippocampus.

Since depression runs in the family histories, it is probable that there is a link between the genetics of the parents and children of a person suffering from depression. You’ll find that there is no gene that can be implicated to be specifically responsible for depression. A mix of many different genes and the environmental factors that one is exposed to daily contribute to depression.

The people that have substance abuse problems may find themselves with the major or clinical depression. Since there is a link between substance abuse and mental illness, you’ll find that the people that use hard drugs are more likely to suffer from depression. You are likely to suffer from heroine long term effects that is known to be cost by either taking drugs or withdrawing from the drugs. Depression may also be caused by various chronic diseases such as diabetes and kidney disease that take long to get healed. In some other cases, using a person that you love causes emotions that may cause anxiety and therefore depression.

In some other cases, you’ll find that depression is going to be caused by various external causes. For either a young or old person, they may also experience depression from a variety of external factors. For example develop depression from the mixed reactions that you encounter after finding yourself in a conflict with friends or family members. Other environmental factors that can cause depression include isolation when you move to a new job and you should seek help if you find any symptoms that you think are the depressive.