5 Lessons Learned:

Negative Effects of Slumping

Many of us today whether at the office or at school slouch from time to time. In spite of that, most of us were already told by our own parents when we were just young to sit up straight when sitting or while walking. There are some of us today didn’t offered with a valuable reason why we should, read more about this here.

Some of the reason people were told is that is it just an etiquette that has never died and continues to live on to people. Well to be honest, the reason not to slouch goes beyond from etiquette itself. As it turns out that slouching is bad for us, not just socially but mostly medically, below we will be talking about the disadvantages of slouching.

Spinal Cord Matters

Like most people, we find slouching be more comfortable than sitting up straight. However, what we felt comfortable has its own backfire to our health.

Ever noticed that when you start slouching your heads tends to droop forward? To begin with, the weight of our head should fall onto our backs and on our shoulders. Slouching places the weight of our head where it shouldn’t be, read more here.

Through time this stress can cause serious problems on the upper spine and could cause compression on the internal organs which could lead to neck and back pain. Also it causes constipation, poor circulation, exhaustion, and etc. that causes neck and back pain.

If one of these symptoms you are currently experiencing then it would be best to visit the nearest chiropractor, read more here.

Other Issues

Slouching does more damage than you thought it would, other than it causes serious neck and back pains. As a matter of fact, slouching can hurt your reputation severely, read more about this here. As a matter of fact, body language plays a huge deal and it can be traced even in the animal kingdom which we are not exempted. If you have notice this, when a dog want to play with another dog it first lean down its front legs before playing with the other dog. Aside from dogs, cats also would push down their paws on you or on the couch perhaps or on a piece of fabric, read more here.

Those are a good example of body language made by our own pets. And how much with humans who constantly express body languages that aren’t vague.

Whenever we slouch our head and limbs falls inward to our chest. Which signifies we are prone to attack, loss of interest, stressed, unhappy, you name it all.

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