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How to Use Buttons as Decorations

You can have as many ideas as possible to use bottles of decorations, and some of them are discussed below.

The walls of your living room need custom button arts, and you can read more here. Decorate the family picture frames with buttons. The buttons can be used to create images on pieces of canvas to be hung on the walls of your living room. Do not overuse the buttons on the lighting decorations hanging on the ceiling because light will be obstructed. The button clock can be placed at a strategic position on the wall. Buy an embroidery hoop and cut some burlap. Fix the burlap and sew the buttons at the clock positions. Glue the clock mechanism on the back after cutting a hole at the center of the burlap. Fix the hands at the front and put in the batteries. Try adding buttons on the rug at home.

Use buttons to decorate your kitchen. Stick buttons on the outer part of the bowl that used to store fruits on the kitchen table. Use buttons to draw words and images on the wallpaper of the kitchen. Read more here on kitchen button decorations.

Create a plant string on for the artificial and natural flowers in your house. Buttons make the flower vases irresistible to stare at. If you do not like the plant string idea, then the Christmas decorations will appeal to you. Buy hundreds of buttons because they are affordable and let everyone take part in decorating the Christmas tree. Use plain white buttons to create snowflakes on the Christmas tree. You do not have to stick to the traditional colors and more here when you are decorating the Christmas tree with buttons.

How about more here on the bedroom having a touch of button decoration? Add button to the curtains of your windows with patterns like polka or tips. The blankets need a few buttons that are brightly colored. The pillowcases can have some buttons that create a name or shape. The bedroom storage baskets should have buttons. Let the child lie down every night and count star-shaped buttons on the ceiling. Cover the doors of your wardrobe with buttons. Use the button as to write words. Make beautiful shapes like heart and diamond shapes and the door of your wardrobe using buttons. Follow the lines of the image you have drawn on the door of the buttons as you stick buttons of different shapes, designs and colors to enhance the image. Make the frame of the glass cabinet with doors stand out by using buttons.

The clothes you wear will stand out with button decorations and the tips that are more here. The fluffy bathroom slippers can have some buttons to make them attractive. Sew buttons on your handbags. Make a locket of buttons for you and your best friend.