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The Gifts a Tech Lover Would Love Most This Year

We all know how much some people love technology and it is our duty to make sure that we get the new and cool tech gift to quench their thirst. This site provides you with ideas on cool new tech gadgets that will please your friends or loved ones this year.

Bluetooth tracking tags could make for great gifts. This is a great fit for absent-minded people. It can be attached to anything such as keys and even wallets. If it happens to get lost, a free app will play a sound and vibration to help you locate it. However, it may need a lot of wrapping as it is so small. It is a great option if you want to give a gift that is less likely to get lost when on a night out.

Wireless earbuds are appealing to almost every tech lover. Things have changed, and headphone jacks have been phased out. You should not worry if your friend is an audiobook or gym lover as a set of bluetooth headphones will have them sorted. They are great when it comes to style and comfort. Most of them are sweatproof and have built-in microphones. Gym lover want to keep track of their workouts, pulse rate and the number of calories burned thus getting them set if bluetooth headphones that have a fitness tracker is a great option. You can get cooler new gadget ideas here.

What about getting them a robot? Something like a sphero mini or close to it is a great pick. It is as small as a ping pong ball, and you can play any of the games that it comes with or create some of your own. With its face drive feature, a user is able to drive it around. It is possible to use your face to steer it around as it uses facial recognition technology. It is hard to find a tech lover that does not love it.

Tech lovers will definitely like it if they received a smart plug for a gift. Smart plugs are mainly used to turn most of the ordinary devices in our homes into smart devices. Once plugged into a power source, you will have to open the relevant app on your smartphone and add the smart plug. After that, you will have to connect a device such as a coffee maker or a fan to the smart plug physically. With this connection, you will not have to stand up to turn the appliance on or off as you can easily download it by setting a timer on your smartphone.