A Simple Plan:

The Mood to Expect with the Weather

Most people will care to check the weather only to see if it will interfere with activities they have planned that day. For people working indoors, they might have no clue about weather changes until they step out of the office to head home or for lunch. Depending on the people you ask and the experiences they have had in life very few people would agree to the weather affecting their moods, some will even find that absurd. Science, however, happens to think that the weather affects our moods. You will be a sad person when you have not been in sunlight or seen it. Without sunlight your body will produce melatonin, this hormone makes you sleepy and out of that you get sluggish to do anything normally. Sunshine, on the other hand, makes you more motivated and it has been said that you will spend more when you have sunshine. With precipitation, it is likely that you will eat more, the levels of serotonin will go down but carbohydrates can spike them back up. You will not keep the levels of serotonin up for long as they fall really quickly hence more trips to you snack jar. Rain also brings with it pain, the low atmospheric pressure when it’s raining makes the blood go to the tissues and the pressure on the joints brings some mild pain and being stiff especially when you are seated in one position for long. When you are outside with good weather, your creativity and memory will improve. For the maximum effect of this, it’s encouraged that you spare half an hour and take a nature walk. Since sunny days come packed with energy and feel good hormones, you can easily get into a romantic mood and be helpful to others. This is why summer makes one of the best times in the year.

It will make more of those times when you spend it with the people you care about. Extremely high temperatures have the effects of masking people aggressive. In the freezing weather people are very slow and tend to prefer the indoors. The motivation in such times is very low and people will be craving for hot drinks. Its best to save any complex physical tasks for later. Do not stop at just checking the conditions of the weather, look at what that could mean for your moods as well.

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