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Recipes For Healthy Summer Foods to Include in Your Diet

A big percentage of the world’s population go on a diet yearly to help keep their shapes and body weight in check. Maintaining a perfect body shape is made difficult by the several foods available to us but it can be a little easier and fun with several new discoveries. The key to maintaining a perfect body figure is curiosity towards healthy foods along with new recipes irrespective of new ingredients or not. Seven healthy summer foods and their recipes are discussed below.

Eggplant is a vegetable close cousin to potato making it a healthier source of fries compared to potatoes. Uniformly cut eggplant fries are salted and placed in a bowl. The fries are coated in egg white, places in a bag along with breadcrumbs and parmesan and shaken the fries are then placed on a baking sheet and roasted with flipping every five minutes until crisp and golden brown.

Butter fried chicken, vegetable oil, salt, pepper and lemongrass are some of the ingredients for Thai chicken and watermelon salad. The food processor chops the chiles and the garlic in the dressing before it is poured on the chicken pieces. Watermelon, chopped mint and cilantro is places in the salad, stirred and ready to serve.

For a high content calcium and vitamin C diet, muesli and raspberries mixed with milk is the best. Peach ice tea is one of the healthy foods to opt for in place of soda of juice.

Blending creamy sherbet at home makes it an easy to acquire healthy food which beats manufactured ice creams. After churning the mixture of ingredients, which can be right away or the next day after refrigeration, the use of wax paper is necessary to prevent formation of ice crystals while in a refrigerator. Crispy fish sandwich with herb and remoulade is a perfect and healthy food for those looking to maintain their body figure. Lettuce and tomato are used to serve this delicacy after everything has been properly cooked. Anyone looking for healthy summer foods ahd their recipes should consider these options.