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Simple Ways to Unclog Drain Pipe
We are aware of the feeling when you walk into the shower after a long day with the expectation of taking a shower in order to relax. After some minutes, you realize you are standing in a pool of water. The main reason behind this is because the drain of your bathroom has clogged and water cannot pass easily.
However, most people ignore clogged drain when they happen at their homes. If you ignore such issue, you end up taking a bath instead of the shower. You will be forced to wait for some minutes waiting for water to empty for you to continue with your shower. Other moment if someone gets into the bathroom before you, then you will be forced to wait for quite some time for the water to drain so that you can have a clean room for your shower.
Some bad things will happen if you do not take quick action. Getting late for work, floor damage, bad smell and other bad things you would not want to imagine. If you find yourself in such a situation you need to make sure you unclog the drain pipe immediately. The process is easy for you to undertake or you can choose to hire a person who is a professional in the act. However, the best thing is the process of unclogging a drain pipe is not hard for anyone to do.
The following are some of the guidelines that will help you in unclogging your drain.
One of the easiest methods that one can choose to use is using baking soda and vinegar. This method is best for mild blockages, such as those that form whenever there is build-up food, hard minerals and soap scum. Vinegar and baking soda acts as an acidic agent and abrasive agent that clears the way. When using this mixture, you do not have to worry about your pet or children in the house.
You can use salt and baking soda. One can also mix some salt and baking soda instead of using vinegar for unclogging a drainage. Once you mix salt and baking soda, you get a chemical reaction that is responsible for clearing the clog. After pouring the mixture in your drainage, the next thing you need to do is leaving it for twenty or thirty minutes for the drainage to be clear again.
Boiling water is another best alternative that anyone can try. You might find out that the clog is not tight. It is easy for one to use boiled water on the bathroom since the bathroom clog is not too tight most of the time. Using hot water will help you have the clear the clog easily.