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How can a House be Kept Cool without AC?
You can enjoy the services of an air conditioner for 20 years if it is well serviced. Although it may breakdown sometimes and repairing may take time hence the house can get hot. Nobody should go through the summer heat suffering in the absence of an AC. You need to know some things about how to keep your house cool even without an AC,these services.
The best choice when an AC breaks down is fans. However keeping them running can also be detrimental. You should set your ceiling fans to spin in the counterclockwise direction. Use the window fans especially at night,these services. Place them on the windows and leave them to spin. They will attract a cool breeze to manage the heat.
Blinds, shades, curtains and windows can determine the heat contained in the rooms they are installed. This is the same way they determine the amount of sunlight getting in the rooms. A house will be hotter in case these windows, curtains, shades, and blinds are left open. When your AC is broken, you don’t need much sun, so you need to find ways to block the sun. Lower your shades and make sure your blinds and windows are closed. This will preserve the coolness that was drawn in the night by window fans,these services.
Electrical appliances in the house make life easier but if your AC is broken avoid that comfort since they make the house hotter. These services that we enjoy are from dryers, stoves, dishwashers and the oven. Cook your food using the outdoor grill.
You can keep things cool by placing ice near it. You can consider you have a larger ice block to use it efficiently. Decide the place you want to be kept cool and place the ice block there alternatively you can have small ice cubes placed in a large bowl for the same effect. These services should not be a problem if you live in a region where cooling is on the menu.
Now that you know how to keep your house cool when your AC breaks down, now let us focus on yourself and how to manage the heat,these services. Keep a wet towel around your neck always but make sure you have several of them wet. You can also wear damp clothes if you are going to be staying indoors.
Sleep on damp bedsheets for a more cooling effect. If staying indoors make sure you have a bowl of ice by your side. Enjoy the feel of an air con by having a fan by your side. Always take lots of water and avoid taking diuretics so that you don’t lose water.