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Health Journal: Start Writing Important Health Details

There are multiple types of journals which can help you deal with your life and health much more effectively. You can just use a notebook or your smartphone in recording your journal. Most people still like writing their journal with their own penmanship. While some people use their smartphones because it is a more modern way and it can give them with entries and videos for their journal. Pick a method which you think is more pleasing to write down your journal to a happy and healthy life.

A Health History Journal

You can have a health journal to keep track of your health. These includes your past hospitalizations, sicknesses, medications, surgeries, etc. as well as the dates when they happened. The best source of this information is from the medical record of your doctor regarding you. Once you have written down all of the necessary details of your past health history, you should start updating your journal with the latest health information about yourself. In addition, you can also record the medical history of your family so that you can know and avoid the disease that run in your family. Several health conditions are usually hereditary, so thus, if one of your family member suffers from something, there could be a chance that you might suffer from it one day as well. Having the important details written in a health journal can make you more aware of the symptoms of a certain hereditary conditions and detect them early on. You can bring this health journal and show them to your physician when you visit him. This can be useful in having a better cooperation with your physician in treating your illness.

Keeping a Diet Journal

Writing a diet journal will help you keep your proper weight and also help you decide on the kind of nourishment that you need the most. This enables you to keep watch on the amount and quality of the food that you consume. You can note down your opinions relating to the food that you eat. It is also vital to write down your body’s reaction to these foods.

Medical Appointments

Keeping a health journal will help you monitor your medical appointments. This will serve as your reminder to visit your doctor, take note of what you discussed and write down the prescribed medications, if there is any. If you take note of every important details, you can ensure that you will make a follow up appointment and possibly ask all of your inquiries in between the next schedules.

Having a Life Management Skills Journal

A life management skills can help you cope with illnesses such as depression and stress by planning and organizing your life. Write down the details on how you coped with the events of your life.