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Surprising Facts on Immigration Laws that Every American Should Know

It is true that America’s immigration laws are constantly changing as a result of the increase in the number of immigrants. You find that this is vital as it will ensure that immigration doesn’t strain the economy. By the end of this topic, you will discover more surprising facts about America’s immigration laws.

Let us start with family-based immigration. This allows individuals to migrate to the U.S if they already have a close family member in the use. These include spouse, child, parent, or sibling who should be U.S citizens or they may have a green card. To file a petition of parent’s immigration, you must be above 21 years. Being that this is the easiest way to migrate to the U.S it accounts for two-thirds of immigrants every year.

Apart from that, there are refugee admissions. You should note that these laws have grown strict under Trump’s administration. This is because of raising security concerns and a strain on the country’s resources. It is essential to note that under the refugee admission policy, there is an asylum policy. Which demands that one goes through a rigorous interview aimed at proving persecution due to race, religion and political factors. This is one thing that has led to a decline in refugee immigration.

Besides, we also have employment-based immigration. It is essential to note that this policy focuses on acquiring skills for the American Economy. You find that there is demand for diverse skills and the efforts to increase this type of immigration are underway. You should know that this type of immigration policy restricts immigrant investors.

The next immigration policy is diversity visa. This opens for application every year to ensure equal representation of immigrants in the U.S. You find that it seeks at allowing immigrants from the developing countries into the U.S. It is also essential to note that the system is based on the luck of the applicants and millions of people apply.

The other thing that you should consider is temporary permission. Remember that is a temporary residence and you are not allowed to be there permanently. This policy will allow foreigners to work in the U.S for a short time. Get more help here on this temporary programs.

In addition, there is also H-1B Visa. You find that this is the U.S most extensive temporary employment program which is awarded to highly-skilled foreign workers. It is keen on academic qualifications and those with master’s degree have an advantage over applicants with lower educational qualification. You should also know that this policy plans to restrict work permits for spouses to those that already have the visa.