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List of Low Investment Manufacturing Business Plans One Need to Think Of

One of the biggest industries in the U.S is the manufacturing industry that is worth 2.33 trillion dollars. This is about 11.6 percent of the economic output of the country. The goods that are made in the U.S are forming 11 percent of the globally consumed goods. This makes the manufacturing sectors a core of the country’s economy. Manufacturing sector is one of the reasons why America is a superpower in the economy. You may want to do investment in the country and you will want to consider these low investment ideas that are explained here in this article.

One of the manufacturing ideas that you can invest in is the baking industry. Every year, the baking industry generates about 30 billion dollars. The American diet consists of cakes, cookies, pies, bread and many more of the baked products. Therefore, when you venture into a business like this, you will hardly go wrong. Therefore, the investment will earn you a decent revenue, besides creating job opportunities for many. Regardless of the size of your investment, you can still excel in this industry, be it a small scale trader. There is a trend in the industry that the locally baked products are the favorite for the consumers. The products that you will be selling will be flowing fast, as you will find an easy market within the locality.

You can also decide that you will be sewing patches. The millennial and bikini communities are great consumers of the patches, s they need them for color and fashion for their jackets and denim. The fact that any person can buy these products will make them easily sellable. You will need a higher sales, and this will mean that you sew patches of a bigger appeal. When sewing the patches, you will ensure that the message is clear. You will also want to avoid the cases where the intended meaning in the patches is that the buyer perceive. When you write the message on the patches, you will consider the specific target audience.

Making candles can also form part of your low investment manufacturing business plans. It is easy to make candles, as you will need wax and the knowledge for their right melting point. Many people use the candles, and it is important that you have an idea of the specific target you will be interested in. It is important to consider the specific types of candles that you will make, to increase your sales; scented and non-drip candles are some of the types you can consider as they are highly used in America.