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How Problem Drinking Differs From Alcoholism

There is an increased number of people engaging in drinking in society and which is becoming alarming with the fact that it is not one type of gender getting involved. Some people do drink responsibly while others do exceed the recommended amount to the extent that they would be referred to alcoholics or do have a drinking problem. Differentiating the two issues is quite a challenge and sometimes people do use these terms interchangeably. Alcoholism has not related positive effect and this means that no matter how much you might try to praise it, the habit always find a way to get the most out of you in a negative way. Problem drinking refers to consuming alcohol in a way that it can adversely affect your health or life but you are not addicted to it. Alcoholism is an attachment that grows over times and this is much worse than problem drinking in that you are entirely lost in it and you can seem to handle anything else apart from drinking. An alcoholic cannot stay for longer periods without needing alcohol in their bodies.

The main challenge is usually identifying if one is a problem drinker or an alcoholic. There are certain factors that when critically analyzed will help you make a determination of the kind of problem you have in terms of drinking. For problem drinkers your body may not need the drink all the time, but you will realize that you cannot handle any specific function including the ones that you are obligated to without feeling that negative compulsion. You will be in a position to make a determination of the kind of condition you are having when it comes to your physical dependency. Understand that one situation leads to another in that in most cases one develops the drinking problem and ends up being an addict. The only thing that alcohol will do to your body is destroyed it and which is not all as at the end of it all you will realize your relationship and association id affected on the same note. Unlike the addicts with problem drinkers there is no withdrawal syndrome that is much worse when you lose social respect.

Most problem drinkers will engage in alcohol consumption as a way to remain sober and be able to carry out their daily activities without so much struggle. When you are a problem drinker you lose courage and the will to do anything productive and hence failure to make an amicable presentation during social gatherings without first taking a seep. Problem drinking, however, can cost you relationships with friends and family. Problem drinkers in some cases can let go off their situation without seeking any help, alcoholics on the other side will require detoxification, therapy and many other treatments in the rehabilitation centers to achieve sobriety.