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Tips for Planning a Wedding Event

Lack of finances and other logistics make a lot of people fear doing them. The following tips will help you plan for the wedding successfully even on a tight budget.

First, you need to plan using a spreadsheet or any wedding planning application of your liking. If you choose to use a spreadsheet, you should have a guest list and another spreadsheet to do the planning. The guest list should have all the names of the visitors that are expected at the wedding. You need to leave the columns for costs and prices of those activities and materials to be filled later. You should have independent rows for each categories such as dress, venue, and refreshments. This is the only way that you can be able to calculate the totals and eliminate other items so that you remain within your budget.

You should also find the place where the wedding will be held. Before you can choose a date for the wedding, it is important for you to identify the best venue. The venue is likely to cost a lot of money, probably the most expensive thing in your budget. You should ask the venue management whether they provide drinks and other refreshments, although only a few of them can be able to do that. You should receive several quotations from different event centers, most preferably the local ones because they may be cheaper. You should choose a weekday as the day for the wedding because it is likely to get discounted prices due to few bookings. You should then look for a dress for the wedding. Since wedding dresses tend to be highly costly, you should choose your preferred quality depending on your budget. You need to order for it early to have it fitted and modified if need be.

You should budget and plan for the food that will be served to your guests, as well as the wedding cake. You will find it necessary to find an event that allows for outside catering. Organizing for the catering for your event will be better if the venue permits for outside catering. Buffets are recommended because they give your guests a chance to select the food they want and serve themselves their preferred amounts of food. You don’t need to order for a very huge cake for the wedding because, after all, not everyone will be able to eat it. You need to get a smaller cake which will be enough for people in the inner circle, mostly close friends and relatives. You should find entertainers who will be entertaining your guests at the reception. It is a big challenge trying to get dancers or DJs to entertain your guests. Entertainment and reception are some of the important features that will be used to measure your wedding’s level of success.