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Bible Teachings About the Cannabis Plant
In the past few years, the motion of whether marijuana is good for consumption or not has been ongoing , different people coming up with different arguments. You realize that besides the scientists and medical grounds Christians are now in it to discuss if the use of marijuana need to be supported.

Below are the some of the things to know about the bible and marijuana. The fact that all plants, herbs, and seeds were created by God shows that using any of it is not wrong since they have God’s blessing. In the book of Ezekiel 34:29 there is a mention of a plant that was renowned for healing, using the cannabis for medication is right based on that statement, the Bible states that herbs are given for food and medicinal value hence using of cannabis can be supported.

The indication that Gods created all plants and herbs doesn’t solve the problem they are all can be used, it is essential to be able to distinguish which are safe to use and which are not. They argue that one can be able to take small quantities of marijuana without being intoxicated just as when one may have a small quantity of alcohol without the need to become drunk. The fact is that for you to realize the benefits of marijuana you require few puffs for one to be intoxicated, this indicates that someone who is taking it for recreational purposes may require more puffs otherwise it would have any benefit in his or her body.

The use of marijuana have enduring negative consequences for the mind’s capacity to do what God made it do. Most of the users of marijuana are not able to have the alertness meaning that even the level of performance might go down.
The human body is meant to please God even if one got the mandate to use his or her body the way one wants. In as much as the use of marijuana may not be prohibited, one needs to ask if God will be happy to dwell in such a body that is under the influence of marijuana.

Anything that undermines the mind as a Christian one needs to avoid it.|The bibles say that in the book of 1st Corinthians 6:13 that human body is meant for God in that they are designed to bring glory to God.| The scripture highlights that human body is meant to be an instrument of honor hence anything that may weaken or diminish the body capacity should be avoided.| Marijuana is known to have a great impact on the body which lowers both physical and mental capacities of the body.| One cannot be able to serve God when his or her state of the mind is not well, Christians should strive to have a clear state of mind, speak clearly and be in a position to remember well.| The affection to God grows where a Christian can be able to relate who God is, remember who he is, speak to him and serve him diligently with the right mind.|

As the witness of Christ, Christians needs to exempt themselves from what the world is doing and especially in the use of marijuana. One cannot be a Gods witness when his or her state of mind doesn’t have reasoning power. Anything is not born of the spirit to a Christian that is a sin, the fact that marijuana has a great influence in the body should be avoided.

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