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About the Best Natural Sleep Aid In 2019

People these days are sleeping much less than they used to and 35% of adults do not get enough sleep totally. Over 100,000 deaths have occurred because of sleep deprivation that is a medical error and is just like alcohol intoxication. For good health and wellbeing the CDC does recommend that adults get at least seven hours of sleep for every 24 hours period buy many people fail to do so even if they have time. There are natural sleep aids for those who have trouble sleeping on their own. There are seven best natural sleep aids and they are as follows.

Melatonin is the first best natural sleep aid that you can use if you are having trouble sleeping on your own. For people that are not producing enough melatonin they can use this natural product to get enough sleep because our bodies produces melatonin naturally and its hormones are the ones that tells the body when it is time to sleep that is why melatonin level is usually high at night.

The second best natural sleep aid is the glycine. Glycine’s amino acid is used by the nervous systems of our bodies which makes the temperature of our bodies to go down when it is time to sleep thus sending a signal to our brain that it is time to sleep so if you have trouble in sleeping the you can use glycine. Another natural sleep aid is passion flower. The best thing about passion flower ids that is it safe to be consumed and once it is consumed then a person having difficulties to sleep can be able to have enough sleep that is why it is used in many countries as sleep aid.

Valerian root is the fourth natural sleep aid that you can use if you have trouble in sleeping. Since so many people have use used the valerian root and they have tested its effectiveness as a sleep aid that it means that it is okay for you to also use it as your sleep aid if you want to deal with you luck of having enough sleep problem.

There is another natural sleep aid known as the CBD which is found in form of oil and chocolate and even capsules of which it helps one to sleep if a person does have trouble in sleeping and uses it. if a person has lower than the normal level of magnesium in their bodies then they will have trouble in sleeping so one should ensure that they have enough magnesium in their bodies so as to be able to fight insomnia and prevent the sleeping problem. The seventh natural sleeping aid is the lavender plant that when it is smelled it produces a scent of relaxation helping one to sleep.