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A Guide on the Must-Have Types of Insurance Coverage

One cannot predict what is going to happen to them a year, a day, or a month from now, which is why one needs to obtain different types of insurance coverage which will offer them the necessary protection in case of adverse events. This article talks about the kinds of insurance coverage that you should not miss.

One of the coverage options that you should not miss is health insurance coverage. About 9% of the US population does not have health insurance. About 20% of Americans currently have huge medical debts to deal with because they cannot afford to pay the bills by themselves. You can get health insurance to reduce having to incur the whole amount of medical expenses, and you can obtain this on your own or through your employer. Read more about this policy that is affordable and helpful for your family.

You also have to obtain auto insurance coverage. There is a legal requirement that every car owner obtains auto insurance in every US state, except for New Hampshire and Virginia. Insurance coverage for your car will help you save on costs for car repairs and medical expenses as a result of auto accidents. Different auto insurance policies are provided at different rates, read more about this policy for the best experience.

It is also necessary for you to get life insurance coverage. You should think about whether your family will be able to survive without your income if you died tomorrow, and getting life insurance coverage will cater to your family needs despite your loss. Read more about this policy that will not strain you when alive but will remove the financial stress once you’re gone.

It is also necessary for you to get homeowners insurance coverage. Your home is one of your significant investments, which makes it necessary for you to protect the investment. Renters should also have insurance that will cover their possessions in case they lose them due to various events such as fires and burglaries. Read more about this policy that will protect you from floods if you are susceptible to them.

You must also consider obtaining long-term disability insurance coverage. The Social Security Administration predicts that around 25% of people who are in their 20s today will become disabled by the time they get to the age of 67. When you get long-term disability insurance, you will be protected from losing your income when an illness or injury keeps you from working.

You should also consider getting long-term care insurance coverage. Getting this insurance coverage option will allow you to get the required long-term care without having to give up your retirement savings. Read more about this policy to learn what is in there for you.

It is necessary for you to consider getting identity theft insurance. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that around 9 million people get their identities stolen each year. Recovering from identity theft can take you years. When you get identity theft insurance, you will be protected from the damage due to you if your identity is stolen.

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