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8 Groups of Lawyers and Where You Can Use Them
For the last decade the number of lawyers in the US has hit over 15% increase. This is because there is a great demand for lawyers. The court cases are very complicated to be handled by a common person and that why it’s advised to work with a trained lawyer. The same way cases vary from each other, is the same way lawyers handled different cases and therefore not every lawyer that is fit for your case. For you to succeed in your case you have to find a lawyer that is fit for the case thus here you will learn more about the 8 groups of attorneys.

The first category is family lawyers. The work of the family attorney is to resolve different family cases. Some of these domestic issues we are talking about include divorce, legal separation, custody disputes, and adoptions. In case of alimony, paternity, pre, and post-nuptial agreements and also emancipation a family lawyer can be responsible for such cases. The family lawyers are not meant for private clients only since they also handle domestic violence, delinquency and child abuse in other legal sectors.

The second category of lawyers is the personal injury lawyers. This is the type of lawyer that will help you to get compensation for the loss of income of lowered quality of life because of the injuries caused by the negligence of another party. The accused side may be anything from individuals, a government body, a company or an organization.

The next type of attorneys is malpractice lawyers. This is another group of attorneys that deal with the professionals such as government officials, accountants, doctors and lawyers that fail to deliver as agreed in their work contract. You can find a personal injury lawyer working as a malpractice lawyer although there are lawyers that choose to purely deal with malpractice legal matters.

The other group of lawyers includes estate lawyers. To avoid fights of property by the beneficiaries after your death you should have an estate attorney who will assist in making your will which will be used to specify who should own what. You can also have a lawyer for your property taxes, medication will, funeral and burial wishes.

Additionally you can come across a group of lawyers called criminal defense lawyers. The work of a criminal defense lawyer is to assist you in a legal case in case you have been accused of a crime. The lawyer will do everything possible to make sure you get your freedom and if it’s not possible you are not fined heavily. If you are interested to know about other categories of attorneys such as IP attorneys, business attorneys, and tax lawyers read our sites.