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Threat Factors That Cause Cancer and Ways of Prevention

The scientist is learning the best way of prevention for they can know how it develops and it causes. There are best ways that you can prevent cancer by learning on the potential risks and learn on how to avoid them to be on the safe side, there are risk factors that cause cancer in the body this include.

There is the risk factor of infection. The infection can raise the risk of having cancer in your body such as the parasite, these parasites are the viruses and bacteria roundup lawsuit. There are infections such as the HIV/Aids that lead to the suppression of the immune system in the body.

There is the potential risk of immunosuppression. The body needs to defend against cancer and where there is the immunosuppression, there are high risks of the body failing to detect there is the cancerous cell in the body for defense.

There is a threat risk of reproductive hormones. The female body produces the sex hormones that are natural such as the progesterone and estrogen in their ovaries, the purpose of this hormone is to trigger the certain reproductive process.

There is the threat risk of inflammation roundup lawsuit. The chronic inflammation can lead to unchecked cell growth or even mutation that lead to cancer and this is due to the resilient infections that cause it.

There is the risk factor of sunlight. The excessive exposure to the UV light lead to the melanoma and non-melanoma skins cancer that is from the sun or other sources roundup lawsuit. You have to avoid exposing your skin to the strong UV light for a long time to prevent the mutation if the cells that lead to skin cancer.

There is the risk factor of carcinogens. There carcinogens that you can prevent yourself from them like the UV light and radioactive material. The area that you stay need to be free from contamination especially the industrial area that has asbestos dust or arsenic found in running water can cause cancer.

There is the risk factor of obesity. The increased level of the insulin in your body can favor the developments of some types of the cancer cells; thus, the fat cells have an effect on the cell process development that leads to risks of breast cancer.

There is the risk factor of choice of diet. The eating of processed meat will increase the chances of having bowel cancer and eating foods that are rich in fats will lead to high chances of having cancer.

Tobacco is one of the leading causes of cancer and any other cancer-related deaths and these risks are even to the second-hand smokers who are at a high risk of having lung, throat, liver, and kidney cancer.