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Tips of maintaining a healthy Looking Skin

Your skin can easily show how old you are. For instance, old people tend to have wrinkled face and skin, which is a common characteristic. Here are some tips which will help you in achieving a healthy looking skin.

Regular cleaning of your face is the first remedy. Your face collect a lot of dust and pollen materials as you carry out your daily activities. Your skin may not be able to get rid of waste in form of sweat because the dirt clogs the pores of the skin. Before you go to sleep, you should clean your face by washing it and dry it using a soft cloth. You need to wash your face after apply too much make up, before going to bed, and after waking up in the morning. It is important to find detergents which are compatible with your skin whenever you intend to clean your face. For example, people with dry skin should try using moisturized soaps whereas those with oily skins should use soap that is free from additives. For extra oily skins, they should try hemp skin care. However, whether your skin is oily or dry, you shouldn’t overdo the scrubbing.

You should also employ facial exfoliation which is a different procedure from facial scrubbing. Exfoliation entails removal of dead skin skills to facilitate the growth of new skin cells. The new cells will give your face a younger and healthier look. While normally the body naturally sheds these dead cells once in two weeks, you can decide to do it more often. You can use micro scrubbers at home, or visit a salon which performs facial exfoliation. You should exfoliate only once in a week if your skin is dry, and at most thrice if your skin is oily. However, if you do exfoliation too much, your skin may redden and irritate as well.

Lastly, you are supposed to get rid of all the bad habits that may harm your skin such as smoking. Your skin can develop wrinkles if you smoke a lot of cigarettes, though not in a direct way. Nicotine in cigars is responsible for destruction of the elastics and collagen fibers which make the face strong and elastic. You also need to avoid very hot sun and protect your body from any harmful rays. A lot of people like hanging out on the hot summer sun, but the reality is that the sun rays cause more harm to their skin than good. The rays will burn the skin and destroy the skin cells. Since high intensities of UV rays is believed to cause skin cancer, no one wants to suffer from it when they can avoid the sun rays.