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Some Healthy Summer Recipes that You Can Prepare with no Hassles

During summer, you will need to make some food for potlucks, cookouts and barbeques. During this time of the year, families are able to spend time together as they share a meal because they have enough time for that. This article contains some important information about some of the foods that you can make easily during summer and which are made of nutritious ingredients so you can read on. During summer, most people do not use ovens while cooking different meals and they prefer grilling, skillets or open fires. The other option that you can choose is finding foods do not need cooking and which can be easily prepared.

You can also use your stovetop for making grilled meats, fruits and vegetables in case you possess one of the best ceramic grill pans in your kitchen. If the place you live has a fresh fish market, the ahi poke bowl can be such a great choice for you. The ahi tuna fish happens to be of high quality and it should not be cooked for one to consume it and you can also find it with ease in Japanese markets. The tuna should be diced in sizes that one can comfortably bite and then leave the pieces to marinate for a period of fifteen or more minutes. The marinade should be made by mixing green onions, soy sauce, rice vinegar, red pepper flakes and fresh ginger.

The best tuna serving should be with a combination of rice, cucumber, avocado, radishes, some portion of shredded carrots and also some toasted sesame seeds. Tuna fish are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids which are well known for inflammation reduction and lowering of triglycerides. The other delicacy that you can make with ease during summer is the mango salsa which you can prepare within five minutes. You will be required to have a red onion, cucumber, fresh cilantro and a jalapeno pepper.

You will be required to cut the ingredients in small pieces and then pour all of them in a bowl which has some pepper, salt and lime juice to add some taste. You should then put the mango salsa in the refrigerator for a period of not less than hour for the flavors of the ingredients to mix up and then you can serve. You can serve the salsa with tortilla chips, as a salad or tacos topping. The other good choice during summer is the watermelon. It is possible for you to make a watermelon salad by cutting it into small cubes and then mix it with basil, mint, chopped cucumber and crumbled feta.