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Places You Need to Know About When You Travel to New York

If you are thinking of traveling the world, you should consider visiting New York. The city is known for its fancy architectural designs and many tourist attractions. What you need to do if you want to travel to New York is to make reservation and book air tickets in advance. Here are the places of interest in New Your You need to visit.

On your first visit to New York, you need to attend the NEDAS symposium, where you will have time to experience the Big Apple and all its products. While you are in New York, take time to ride the subway. The beauty of riding the subway is that you will get the chance to meet many people including celebrities. The subway cost less, therefore, you do not have to stretch your budget. It is worth noting that the subway use paperless form of payment, therefore, you will have to buy a card online and credit it before you can pay for the service. While in the subway, you will find information about how to ride it, use turnstiles, and maps. Before you can ride the subway, it is important to read the safety guidelines very carefully.

Another thing you can do in New York is to visit the central park zoo. The good thing about the park is the presence of penguins. Here are some of the species of penguins you can see at the park, these include Gentoo, Chinstrap, Macaroni, and King Penguins. In addition to seeing penguins, you will also find a beautiful Snow Leopard, Sea Lions, Grizzly Bears, Red Pandas, Snow Monkeys, and Ruffed Lemurs. While at the zoo, you can experience the 4-D theater. Therefore, for those who think a zoo is a place for kids, they are wrong.

Another place in New York you may want to visit is the Washington Square Park. Locating Washington Square park is not difficult, all you need to know is that the park sits in the middle of 5th Avenue, Waverly Place, W. 4th Street, and MacDougal St. While at the park, you will see the famous Washington Square Arch that was put in place to honor George Washington. The park is famous for its fountain, which is one of the popular meeting spots that was built 43 years ago before the arch.

In addition to relaxing at the Washington Square Park, you can choose to take a walk at the fifth avenue. You can start at the Tiffany’s and move down the 5th avenue. Therefore, on your trip to New York, it is important to visit the places mentioned in this post.