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Things To Consider During Orientation Of Newly Hired Employees

New employees bring new set of talents to your organization. welcoming the new employees properly will create the best impression for their new company. Ensure that the employees re welcomed in the right way to create good relationship with them from the start. When employees are welcome properly to the company they feel valued and appreciated, and this will boost their morale. Below are some of the things to do when welcoming new employees. Give them a tour of the office. The new employees may not know about your office, and you need to give them a tour of the company for them to learn about your company. Let the new employees know where the office is and the kitchens well as other facilities in the organization. The new employees should be acquainted with emergency response planning so that they do what to do in case of an unfortunate emergency. Introduce the new employees to their coworkers. The new employees will feel at home once they meet their coworkers formally. When new employees meet other people they will be working along with, they know who to ask questions whenever they need help.

When you show the employees the new desks they should be well organized for the employees to start immediately. Make sure their working desk has everything they will need for working including printers, calculators and computer among other supplies. A working desk that is properly equipped with everything the employee need for the work will give them a good start, and it helps reduce anxiety. Do not be too harsh to them on their first day at work. Most employees have a stressful first day at work as they get acquainted with everything happening around them. Employees must learn a lot of things in the new workplace. The employees should have an easy transition to laying their roles effectively in their new working environment. Ensure the new employees re busy on their first day by giving them simple tasks to perform. Most employees are excited to start working in your company, and you need to ensure you assign them some tasks they can handle.

Let the new employees know where they can go for lunch. Take your new employees for lunch on their first day of work. Be available for the newly hired employees by talking to them and let them ask any questions they could be having. Assign a mentor to the new employees to help them along the way and to void costly mistakes. The employees should be assigned mentors that have extensive experience doing that specific job for many years. The mentors that you assigned new employees should have vast knowledge in the areas they work on to handle different work-related questions.