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Important Information on How Immigration Has Changed the United States

Over the years, America has been having never ending issues with immigration. The irony of it is that United States came to being initially when settlers fled their countries because of the persecution and came to the now United States. The immigration population has been useful in offering human resource that continues to make America an economic giant. In this article, you’ll find important information about how immigration has changed the United States.

The first settlers in the northern of America were Spanish who were then joined by French and English settlers. The settlers were then joined by other immigrants from Asia and Latin America. It is important to note that America got up to a million immigrants from across the world in the 1900s with the bulk of these immigrants being of European, Latin American and Asian accent. At the moment, there are more than 59 million immigrants in the United States with slightly above 20% that came in between now and 2010. There are certain states that have a higher growth rate of immigrants such as California, New York and Florida.

In the year 2017, about 51,600 people from countries with low rates of immigration become beneficiaries of the green cards. Annually, the United States offers 55,000 visas and many people have shown interest in the green card while others will apply for citizenship with an expired green card to help in the naturalization process.

Immigration has made America to be more dominant and successful over time and immigrants have played a big role because they provide labor in most of the industry sectors. You will also find that immigrants have greatly impacted the culture and art in America considering that most of the famous directors and composers were born by immigrants. The immigrants coming to the United States of late has declined and most of them are high skill level immigrants that diversify the country. Many of the immigrants are undertaking professions which will eventually lead them to a job requiring a high-level skilled person. With US immigration, there are some positive impact such as on productivity and government finances through taxation and other contributions which they make. As of the year 2016, there were approximately about 10.7 million undocumented immigrants from which a significant number of them are in the workforce specializing in the construction and farming industries. Be sure to click on this link so that you can learn more about immigration and how it has impacted the United States.