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Simple Ways to Handle Panic Attacks

There are sudden feelings that come out of anxiety and the victims develop a feeling of danger. In the United States, there is a considerable percentage of people who have experienced a panic attack at one point in life. Sometimes, the feeling comes in public, making the victims to be overwhelmed. It is a good idea that you know how you can deal with a panic attack when it arises. Read on to learn some of the things you should know about a panic attack.

If the feeling arises, the first thing you should avoid is the urge to fight it. When it happens, the first thing that comes to mind is to stop it immediately. It is likely that any move may worsen the situation. You should also acknowledge that you have a panic attack. You should have the assurance that you are not going to die to give you time to concentrate on the ways to reduce the symptoms.

You should also be mindful. It will help you get in touch with reality; hence, making you get rid of the feeling of separation. You can create a firm reality of the environment by touching the things around you. Ice packs can greatly reduce panic attacks so you should have them especially if you get the feeling at night. You can hold the ice packs on both of your hands or place them on your chest as you rub them down with a t-shirt on.

The other tip for dealing with panic attacks is by the use of muscle relaxation techniques. Muscle relaxation works just like deep breathing, controlling your body’s response to a great extent. Starting with your fingers, you must ensure that you remain conscious. Thins about something else such as what makes you happy. Once you start thinking about something that makes you happy or a place that you love visiting, it will shift your focus and at the same time calming down the panic.

You can as well talk about other people about the panic attacks. If possible, seek the help of a professional. However, finding the best professional can be a hard task. Find time to read more here about how to find the best professional. You should also ensure that you maintain eye contact but during that time, it can be difficult. There are several more ways to deal with the panic attack such as living your life and checking your triggers.