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The Most Inspiring Movies That You Should Watch

Whenever you are looking for a heartwarming movie then it is you that can have a number of options. The ten most inspirational movies of all time are what we will be talking about in this article.

The Pursuit of Happynes is one of the most emotional and inspiring movies out there. Despite the financial struggles that they have, it is Chris Gardner that needs to take care of his child. It is the father and son that didn’t give up despite the many challenges that they are facing.

A 1999 film based on a memoir known as Rocket Boys is what October Sky is all about. This is about Homer Hickman, a teenager from West Virginia who is inspired to build his own rocket. It is his interest in rocket science that he construed to do despite the disapproval of his father. And because of his resilience that he became a distinguished NASA engineer.

A movie about Peter Adams, a hunter that suffers from manic depression is what Patch Adams is all about. Because of the condition that he has that it is him that opened his own clinic. While he was broadening his knowledge, it was him that disapproved of the patent care method. His quest in helping patients became more challenging when he met an accident.

A movie that talks about World War II events is what Schindler’s List is able to show. Despiet the war, it is a German politician that was determined to keep his factory going. And in order to have enough workers, he decided to hire 300 Jews. And it is by doing so that he was able to save them from the Holocaust.

If you are looking for a classic inspirational movie then The Sound of Music is one of them. It is this one that is a must watch for music lovers.

The Dolphin Tale talks about a bottlenose dolphin that lost her tail due to a trap. But it was her that was rescued and was given prosthetic tail by the designers of the rescue center.

The life of John Forbes Nash Jr. is what the movie A Beautiful Mind shows which depict the extreme success and failures in life. Experiencing a scary, painful self-discovery journey despite the success that this math genius has is what this movie is all about.

A movie that follows the life of Michael Oher, an NFL player is what the Blind Side is. This movie is able to show the ups and downs of his career.

An inspiring movie about sports is what Invictus is all about. The life of Nelson Mandela that is being shown in this movie right after the apartheid rule. It was him that did it by collaborating with a football team captain, Francois Pienaar to unite South Africans.

The movie Lincoln deals with one of America’s most famous president when he fought against slavery.